Acquisition (Land)
Type: Retail, Residential or Hotel Development.
Size: 5 acre plus.
Location: New Jersey, New York (Metropolitan Area) and Pennsylvania (Eastern).
Acquisition (Income Producing Properties)
Location: New York to Washington D.C. corridor.
Markets: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary markets.
Character: Property value enhancement through redevelopment and/or retenanting. Typical value enhancement characteristics may include existing or future vacancies, non-optimal current ownership structure, physical or economical asset deterioration, passive current management, environmental contamination, non-optimal current use and/or restrictive or insufficient capital structure.
Pagano Real Estate, Inc. will also consider investment opportunities in regions beyond our present markets in the event such opportunities are consistent with our expansion criteria and can be effectively managed. Pagano Real Estate, Inc. is also seeking multi-asset property portfolios.

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